Get the most out of Mobile Mapping Data.



import, process, manage, combine imagery and pointcloud

extract points, lines, areas, profiles, volumes, blur, detect

share online, integrate, build success


Filling the Gap between Collection & Feature Extraction.



organize & manage, catalog & archive

improve your data by pointcloud cleaning

instant trajectory adjustment using gcp constraints


Suited for basic Feature Extraction.



access to any mobile mapping content

measurements and save in GIS layers

overlay vector data in panorama and 3D


Hi-Professional Feature Extraction.



full production unit for mobile mapping

create and manage themes easily

document assets

allows centralized data management


Mobile Mapping for Everyone.



access Orbit prepared Mobile Mapping data

fast navigation through terabytes of data

user friendly overlay & measurement tools


More Data. More Content. More Users. 



publish all mobile mapping content online

supports 360 degree imagery and unlimited size point clouds

define user credentials, multiple publications, server pool

share on the web, mobile devices, and integrate using SDK


Integrate Mobile Mapping capabilities in your workflow



integrate mobile mapping in any desktop product or website

allows measurements and overlays in 360 degree view

available in Flex, JavaScript and dotNet


Just give it a try!



free iOS app to view and measure mobile mapping data

measure & overlay pointclouds

includes a list of demoprojects


Finally use all Mobile Mapping in ArcGIS.



access to any published mobile mapping data

make measurements, save & overlay your layers

fully integrated in v10.x


Decision Time for the ArcGIS user!



unleash any mobile mapping content

measure, overlay & register new features

share throughout you organisation

in ArcGIS for Desktop, Server and Online

Mobile Mapping Integrations
Will become available:
MM Plugin for AutoCAD
MM Plugin for Microstation
MM Plugin for GeoMedia
MM Plugin for MapInfo
MM Plugin for SmallWorld
MM Plugin for QGIS
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